Based in Tunis, Tunisia

Founding date:
September 1, 2015


Press / Business contact:

Ali Mehrez


Les Berges du Lac 2, Tunis



My name is Ali Mehrez, I'm a French and Tunisian indie game developer. After 9 months of solo development and 2 Awards, Grapple Gum is out and also is the first Tunisian game being featured worldwide on the Apple AppStore.


Grapple Gum is a one of a kind Slingshot-Action-Platformer where you blast baddies, slinging yourself around, and grapple to various balloons on an extremely fun and satisfying adventure that emulate the aesthetics of doodles/drawings.

Grapple Gum is a SlingShot-action-platformer featuring grapple and shooting mechanics that really tries to nail the "action shooter" feeling on mobile, this mean a one touch gameplay. In Game you'll face 4 challenges : (1) Sling yourself around and evade baddies, (2) Collect the three stars, (3) Shooting everything hostile before it reach you, (4) Fight the Bosses. How much time you spend on a level will depend on your play style. You'll play as a little pink piece of gum and grapple across moving objects. It's a neat mix of mechanics as you can float through the space, hitch a ride by hooking on the various platforms, and slingshot your way from one piece to another while also shooting at all kinds of targets, including big bosses and the little various sooty critters nibbling at your toes.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated for the Game Development World Championship 2017" - Helsinki, Finland, 9 October, 2017
  • "Nominated for the International Mobile Gaming Awards Mena" - Marseille, France, 1 October, 2017
  • "Winner of the « Game of the Year » and the « Best Mobile Game » awards." - Carthage Game Show 2017, Tunis - Tunisie, 6 August, 2017
  • "Finalist for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect 2017 - Kiev" - Carthage Game Show 2017, Tunis - Tunisie, 6 August, 2017

Selected Articles

  • " Grapple Gum will be a must buy when it finally launches."
    - Rob Funnell, TouchArcade.com
  • "Grapple Gum is an intense and action-packed arcade action platformer shooter that you're bound to get stuck to because it's so good."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice.com
  • "Grapple Gum is super fun and charming."
    - Mike Gordon, Iron Horse Games, LLC, Iron Horse Games

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Ali Mehrez
Solo Indie Dev

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